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About Us

Country of Origin: Spain

The Middle is a luxury accessory brand, born between Paris and New-York, founded in 2012 by Rymn Massand and Cristina Sanz.

The Middle’s first collection is dedicated to a wide range of cuffs.

«Cuffs, as bangles, are highly symbolic» explains Cristina Sanz.
«In ancient times, gladiators and knights used them as leather arm bands and used them to protect wrists in sword fighting. They were also the mark of property of a master on a slave. This accessory shows strong power and sensuality all together, it is creating an intimate relationship with the one who wears it and reveals a part of this intimacy outwards». Originally considered as a rough accessory, it becomes through Rymn and Cristina’s choices, more sophisticated, and feminine.

The Middle has chosen to produce their cuffs collection on a base of precious skins: snake, lizard, alligator, nappa leather, ostrich, poney… All skins are provided by certified farms. In Spain, Cristina’s native country, The Middle has partnered a renowned hand crafted leather good manufacturer.

This first collection comes in 3 models: Hermione, Portia and Cordelia, that take their inspiration in these 3 characters from Shakepeare.

The Middle will carry on developing this mono product through multiple variations in the next collections.

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