Boiled wool slippers for men Custom Pet portait Australian Kelpie

by ShimaFiberArt
designed in Lithuania

Boiled wool slippers for men Custom Pet portait Australian Kelpie

by ShimaFiberArt
designed in Lithuania

All slippers is 100% natural sheep wool. Natural woolen felt is extremely friendly material, your feet will just adore.Felted Slippers are very practical and comfortable to wear , keep your feet warm during cold weather and comfortable during warmer days of the year. Comfortable, warmth and durability. Made process is entirely hand-controlled, jusing just warm water and soap. Only the precision of my own hands. And lots of needlefelt and love.They are unique, warm and fuzzy 100% natural woolen felt slippers handmade .They keep you warm, but not hot.
They keep you happy.
They’re full of carefully picked colores, form - needlefelte dog portrait made so real. Latex pads on the bottom to make sure your feet don’t skip a beat.
They’re also durable, hardwearing, easy to clean.

Any beautiful product - especially if its entriely hand-made, deserves to be taken care of. These felted slippers can be washed in this manner: soak 15 minutes; warm water (30-40 ° C) with the wool detergent. Avoid abrasives, gentle massage/rub the surface, rinse with water of the same temperature. Wrap in a towel and dry gently pressing. If the slippers have lost the original form, just stretch them and reshape with hands or on your foot. Place horizontally to dry, do not use tumble-dry.
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