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About Us

Country of Origin: Spain

In 1988, Luis Millán and Miguel Gómez decided to create a new brand within the leather industry named Petusco. Their intention was to mix the good quality of the raw materials, good artisans and creativity in Montilla, Andalusia, Spain.

Petusco had a positive reception at the market in the early 90’s. Its quality and its design brought Petusco to an exponential growth as a company and in few years their products were sold in the biggest and most specialized shops in Spain. Petusco also presented their creations in fashion shows such as Iberpiel, ExpoPell and Intergift.

In less than a decade, Petusco started selling worldwide and attending fashion shows like Mipel (Milano), ILM (Offenbach), and in Paris, as well as spanish fashion shows in Tokio, Osaka, New York and London.

The iconic collection: Etrusco

Internationally known, Petusco presented in 1999 its most important collection: Etrusco, which immediately became its flag collection, until today. Back in that time, this collection sold more than 50.000 products / season. (100.000 a year).

Petusco decided also to create collections combining handbags, wallets, shoes and belts. Their collections arrived to Paris, London, Berlin, New York and Tokio, among other cities.

Each new collection had a big expectation in Spain, thus, Petusco decided to promote a showroom in Madrid, for calling the press and presenting new collections.

Technological innovation

Petusco prepared all their collections in Montilla, Spain. In 1994, the company decided to invest a big amount of money in new machinery and technology for their new facilities. The technology CAD-CAM for the desgining, cutting and production processes was introduced in the year 2000.

Petusco’s spirit was always to create a vanguardistic product, by not losing its essence of the best material quality and looking after a perfect process made in Spain.

Petusco Heritage

The andalusian company has overcome some issues caused by contractory markets and the excessive growth.

For this new stage, Petusco has retaken their old values. This legacy has turned into a new concept: “ Petusco Heritage”, tradition, artesany, quality exclusivity and differentiation, put together with the “heritage” attributes (legacy, inheritance…).

Petusco is now online for selling their products abroad.

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